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With Telehealth, We Can Meet You There!

As a healthcare innovation leader, Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health uses various forms of telemedicine to provide care and information for our patients and their families, including the use of teleconferencing for medication management and therapy appointments. Additionally your treatment will be supported with access to Mid-Atlantic’s patient engagement application provided through Neuroflow.

All communications are provided via a private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing program. During these appointments, the patient and provider connect remotely; you are welcome to complete your visit from any private, safe location within the state of Delaware. We may be unable to complete your visit if you are physically located outside the state of Delaware at the time of your visit due to state laws and licensing requirements.

Helping you stay on course

We know that it can be hard to fit appointments into your daily life. Luckily, we can be anywhere you are! With teleconferencing and our engagement app, Neruoflow, providers can offer services outside of the office, at your home or workplace and between sessions. You can rest easy knowing that your session is secure, effective, and insured when you make a virtual appointment with a Mid-Atlantic provider. 

To learn more about Mid-Atlantic telemedicine options, contact Mid-Atlantic. Schedule your appointment today!

New Patients

We’re currently welcoming new patients and referrals!

Take advantage of the expertise provided by our providers and thought leaders in cutting-edge behavioral health services.

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